Pond Partners Wiki

What is a Wiki?

  • Collaborative website for collective learning
  • Editable by anyone or by small communities
  • More about wikis is here.

The following external image YouTubeSm.GIF video below sums up the power of a wiki:


  • 3 grade levels/multiple classes
  • Students build the knowledge (constructionism)
  • Student ownership of learning
  • Home/School connection
  • Communication and Collaboration Skills
    • Articulating thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing
    • Demonstrating ability to work effectively with diverse teams
    • Exercising flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal
    • Assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work
  • = =

How to Use a Wiki:

    • Edit. Click Edit this Page
    • Write. Type your information into the edit field
    • Save. Click Save
    • Repeat.

View the parent night presentation:

Wendy Smith
Math, Science & Technology Specialist
Klem Road South Elementary School
Webster, NY

Brian C. Smith
Instructional Technology Specialist
Monroe #1 BOCES
Rochester, NY