This morning we went to the MST lab and we looked at a sample of water from the stream at Webster Park. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Erbland and Mrs. Burns got the sample of water this morning. We had only one pan, so we used a document camera to project the pan onto the smart board.

We saw about maybe 3 scuds and 4 isopods. We used a chart to help us identify the macro invertebrates. We also went to a web site to see the life cycle of some of the macroinvertebrates. The macroinvertebrates that we found were more tolerant of polluted water. We could not say that the water was polluted or not because we did not have a good number of macroinvertebrates.

We looked at data from another school that is doing a similar study. We know that the water is clean when there are a lot of macroinvetebrates from a 1 or 2 in the water.

We had fun!