Students in Mrs. Hoffend's class will be posting information about North Ponds Park.

North Ponds Park is found on route 104 in Webster, New York. There are two ponds. One is 7 acres long. The other one is 5 acres long. They have a volley ball court and they fish in the pond. It was built by New York State and North Ponds Park is maintained by the town of Webster. The ponds are currently treated with copper sulfate so it will stay blue green. You can run on the trail, or bike, or go fishing, or play volleyball.
North Ponds Park


Today our class took their first field trip to North Ponds Park in Webster, New York. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Benz,and Mrs. Leyrer traveled with us, and helped us use technology in the field.
We looked for evidence of seasonal changes in the plant and animal life we saw.
We measured the ph of the water, examined the macro-invertebrates, and measured the water and air temperature. We used iPods to record our observations, and we used digital cameras to take pictures of what we saw.

*It was cold outside and I saw the leaves on the trees changing colors. We found fish in our group's bucket. Jordan

*I found back swimmers, and a water strider in my bucket of water. Devin

*I saw a damselfly nymph and geese flying south. Nicki

*I saw many different macro-invertebrates. I saw mud, trees, geese, leaves, litter, squirrels, and cattails. Zoe

*It is getting colder out as we are in autumn. The air temperature was about 56 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH of the water was a little high at 7.59. The leaves on the trees were changing colors. I saw a little bit of litter. There was a lot of geese poop and feathers on the ground. It was cloudy out and the grass was still green. The people at the park were wearing coats. Madison

*I saw geese today and leaves changing on the trees. I found a small fish and a water scorpion in the bucket my group was using. Alex

*I found a small water strider at North Ponds Park today in my water sample. There was a lot of litter. Victoria

*I saw a lot of leaves on the ground today. There were many geese and they were migrating. There was a lot of litter near the water. There were lots of feathers from geese on the ground. The grass was still green. Parker

*The leaves are falling off the trees and changing color. It is getting colder outside.Some trees were bare. There were a lot of feathers on the ground. Alexis

*Damselflies can swim very fast. We found some red water mites. There was a lot of pollution at the park. I saw cans and plastic bags. Lucy

*I saw leaves that fell from the trees. I found a bug with four legs and no shell. It swam very fast and was small. The leaves were changing color. There was a lot of litter on the ground. I collected feathers from the geese that I found on the ground. I saw a lot of geese there. Meredith

*I saw a lot of leaves that had changed colors. I saw litter such as plastic bags on the ground. My group identified damselfly larvae. I heard some birds and think I saw a crane near the water. There were a few flowers on the ground. I saw a tree that had some small pine cones. Emelia

*I saw geese flying around the park. I found some water mites in my bucket and they were very small. The cat tails were opening up. Some of the grass was turning brown, and I saw some mushrooms on the ground. There was a lot of litter there! I saw plastic bags, cans and paper bags. I saw some wildlflowers in the grass. Isabelle

*Many leaves were changing color. There were leaves on the ground. I saw a seed shrimp, back swimmer, and diving beetle in my water sample. There was a lot of pollution at the park. I saw some daisies and some bees. There were a lot of geese feathers on the ground. Brad

*I saw a lot of small backswimmers. Jared