Written by: Isabelle and Meredith.

Our Questions

1. How does the temperature (air, water, and soil) change throughout the different months?
2. Does the temperature affect the number and types of macro-invertebrates?
3. What examples of seasonal changes will we observe (plants and animals)?
4. Will the pH of the water change throughout the different months?
5. Does the observation of the macro-invertebrates give us information about water quality?
6. Can we determine which location in Webster has the best water quality?

Material List

  • a Handheld with bluetooth
  • a Camera
  • an iPod with voice recorder
  • a Temperature sensor
  • a pH sensor
  • some journals
  • some buckets

Our Procedures

1. An adult/teacher gets samples from the water
2.Conected the sensor with the handheld
3.Then we colected the data of the air, water, and soil tempture
4. Next we pluged in the pH sensor and took the pH of the water
5. Then we put the data on our iPod
6. Lastly we looked for mcroinverdibrites

Mrs.Burns's class Hypothesis for the next visit

Our hypothesis:
· Water will freeze (ice)
· Air will get cold
· Soil will harden
· Macroinvertebrates may die