Participating teachers will use this space to comment,reflect, and share ideas related to the project.

I really enjoyed the ISTE webinar and am looking forward to the next one. It is very interesting to see what other teachers are doing around the world with technology in their classrooms. I agree with Wendy that our students need to be given learning experiences that offer more opportunities to take owneship in their own learning. We all know that today's workers need to be good problem solvers and collaborators. I'm encouraged that many of our teachers are eager and excited to learn more about technologies that will help our students be prepared for the world they will face.

Human impact on the environment is an issue people around the globe are facing. Kids in Webster are watching it first hand with all of the development taking place in our community. It would be great to connect our students with kids in other countries experiencing similar situations.

Can't wait to visit the parks in January!!!

I just finished watching the archived ISTE webinar on the Power of Global Education in Your Classroom. At the very beginning, Emily Kornblut stated that students are taking more ownership for their learning. Looking at our school, I only see small glimpses of this. Only until more teachers can truly implement student-centered, project/problem-based learning will we start to see true ownership for learning.

The idea of students sharing their own media for expression, perspective, and learning is something we need to think about for this project. Our students have taken pictures, but have not worked with any photo editing software. We can also make better use of our scanners for student drawings to be posted on this wiki.

The global connection piece could be incredible for this project and a great goal for the continuation of it next year.

I used the discussion tabs on some of the pages with my students this week. We thought about some of the questions we can ask the expert who is coming next week to talk with us about macro-invertebrates. I had forgotten my password, so I used chart paper instead. I will add the questions on Monday morning....but I really liked how it will help the students communicate with the other Pond Partner participants, even if I am typing their words. Don't worry...I have my password ready for the next time! I can't wait to have the kids make their predictions for the next on site visit!

The discussion tabs on the pages will help our students communicate with one another on the project especially regarding their data analysis. If your students have any questions for discussion, please start a new post. I'll be working with small groups from Donna's room this week and next to update the Scientific Investigation page and to add questions for discussion regarding the data and macro-invertebrates.

I think we are off to a good start with having kids using technology to help them collect data. I feel like we need to focus the groups on the main objectives of the project and have them brainstorm their own questions and predictions. I can't wait until we start to use this tool with the kids so they can see the "bigger picture" of the three classrooms working together and the investigations that we will be conducting thoughout the year.