Webster Park is located next to Lake Ontario. The address is 225 Holt Road, Webster, NY. The phone number for Reservations is 585-753-7275. There are 550 acres of evergreen-planted slopes and green valleys. Mill Creek also has lakeshore breakers and trails. Mill Creek is used for hiking, a baseball diamond is there and tennis courts, camping, picnic areas and enclosed lodges. Open air shelters, restrooms, and there’s a carry-in, carry-out rule which means bring your garbage with you.
By: Jared

Webster park plays host to an important creek, that is vidle to our information. We now all three classes are going to Webster park. The creeks name is Mill creek. The creek is narrow but long for awhile (narrow but long). lots of people go to
webser park in the summer and spring and maybe even fall and winter. Any way, these people are most likely to have pick nicks or bring a water bottle or snack. And if something blows away or is left behind, it could land in the water. It could also hurt outher wild life,like the birds, crayfish, or even raccons or bagers at night. If we through away more stuff around fish and fish! I think we should pick up trash and other bad stuff while we are there.
he park area, then we will have a cleaner water so we can see more micros and all different types of crayfish
look for some larger water animals

Back to the creek info(kinda):

Last time Mrs. Hoffends class went to NPP. And Mrs. Burns class went to Mill creek. Now as stated at on Recent News, all three classes will be going to Mill creek on Feb. 26. And there is an even better side to this, We are going to have a white hose cabin to look at our micros. There might even be a warm treat inside for us. And Mrs. Hoffend is going to Dick's sporting goods to see if she can get those outfits so we can go in the water to. I went to the creek recently to see what we could do. I saw some fisher men, they had no luck. So am wondering, are we going to be the same as them? I also saw some shallower spots, and rocky egeses were we could passably collect data.

What we found:

  • the water was clear
  • there were lots of wild life and ducks
  • there was lots of ice and fallen vegetation
  • there was a bone and the remains of a crayfish
  • there was lots of human impact
  • there was tones of Marcos and a couple of micros