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Nymths: Nymths are the 2nd stage in a dragon fly, mayfly, damslefly, ex. life.
Dragonfly: The 3rd and final step in a dragonfly, mayfly, damslefly, ex. life.
Egg: when the adult dragonfly(example) lays its EGGS the babby dragonfly(example)- begins its first step.
Fish: a non mammle creacher fond under water. Breaths with gills.
Crayfish:A lobster like creacher that can be fond under water and on grond. Has sharp pinchers. Also known as a yabby. Yabby is a word from Australia.
Backswimmer: A insect that lives under water.It is very fast. Must hold on to something or swim or it will float. Uses large back legs to swim.
Worms: Different types of worms. Found under ground or sometimes in water.
Waterscropion: Another water insected. Needs air to breath. Stabs prey. uses Long tube coming our of its backside to breath.
Leaches: blood sucking bugs that are found in water and on land.
Snails: found on land and water. Have shells. Breath air
Slug: a snail with out a shell. found on land. breaths air. related to leach